Meningitis Now

During May the whole nursery got involved with our very own book day to raise money for Meningitis Now. The children and staff came up with activities and games we could play throughout the day and everybody got behind the cause, arriving at nursery in costumes.

The Early Years children and staff dressed up as nursery rhyme characters such as ‘Baa Baa black sheep’ and ‘Old McDonald’. They took part in activities such as posting ‘Incey Wincey’ down drainpipes and catching five little ducks in the pond in the garden, inside the children rolled dough into five fat sausages and made wheels on the bus prints in paint. They all helped to make currant buns for our cake stall.

The Playroom and Schoolroom dressed up as characters from books such as ‘Christopher Robin’ and ‘The Gruffalo’ as well as ‘Batman’ and ‘Elsa’. The Playroom children took part in an obstacle course and made gingerbread bears for our cake stall. The Schoolroom made fairy cakes for our cake stall and joined in with activities such as races, a Disney disco and built castles.

Throughout the week, all the children took part in a sponsored activity; the Early Years children did a sponsored singalong, as they joined in with as many words or actions to songs as they could, the Playroom did a bear hunt, encouraging the children to find as many bears in the garden as they could find. The Schoolroom did a sponsored superhero throw; children were given a beanbag with a superhero on and were encouraged to throw it as far as they could. The sponsorship money plus the money we raised on the cake stall made £1700 for Meningitis Now.

Jungle party

The Playroom children love reading stories involving Elmer, after watching the children act out scenes involving lions, tigers, elephants and monkeys, the Playroom chose to have a jungle party. All the children (and staff) came to nursery dressed up as animals ready to join in with the day’s activities. In the morning we made binoculars using paper and string and decorated them in camouflage, we then made elephant biscuits ready for tea.

The children made masks of their favourite jungle animals and wore them while playing with our jungle small world. We did jungle dancing on the stage in the garden to ‘Nelly the elephant’ and songs from the lion king, before dancing and singing along to ‘The animal boogie’. We then acted out the ways different animals move. After lunch we went on our safari hunt and looked through our binoculars to find as many animals in the garden as we could. The children enjoyed looking at animal books, such as ‘The tiger who came to tea’ and ‘Monkey puzzle’. After all that hard work we then enjoyed a tiger tea.

Orienteering picnic

As the end of term drew close, the Schoolroom chose to end with an orienteering picnic as a goodbye to all our oldest children who start school in September. The children wrote a shopping list of all the items they wanted to have in their packed lunches. The children all brought in their pack lunch boxes from home and made their own sandwiches.

We set off around the farmyard, following and collecting the arrows as we went. The children navigated their way to our picnic spot in Windy Wood which had been decorated with balloons. The Schoolroom children worked together to help set out blankets and sat down with their friends to eat their lunch, before having ice-creams for pudding. The children then enjoyed exploring Windy Wood. 


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